There are several components of your home that you worry about having to replace including the roof, the windows and the HVAC system, so having your siding replaced is probably at the bottom of your list. In fact, having your siding replaced may not even be on your list, but it should be. After all, your siding wasn’t made to last forever and as it ages it will crack, leak and otherwise break down.

Eventually, the siding on your home will begin to leak and when this does happen it may already be too late to prevent some major repairs that could wind up being very costly. But just how do you know when your siding needs to be replaced? Lucky for you there are some tell-tale signs that you can look for that indicate you need to call your Salt Lake City siding contractors.siding

Frequent Painting

If you are having your home painted every five or six years, it is an indication that something could be wrong with your siding. Good siding should keep its shape and should not suffer paint chipping, peeling and cracking for at least 10 years or longer.

High Energy Costs

siding1If you suffer high heating and cooling costs, it could be a sign you need to have your siding replaced. Of course, there are other factors that can lead to high energy costs including a leaking roof or an old HVAC system, so you will want to rule these reasons out first.


If a visual inspection of your home’s siding reveals warping, rotting or other damage, then you really need to consider having it replaced. Sometimes, it takes more than just a visual inspection to determine if your siding is damaged. Poking at your siding will reveal how solid the layer under your siding is. If the layer under your siding is soft or is rotting, you need to replace that layer and your siding. In addition, holes in your siding, bubbles in your siding and severely faded siding are all signs your siding is reaching the end of its functional life.

In the end, replacing your siding will prevent further damage to your home and may very well save you money down the road.