lightbulbgreenleaf“For a Greener Tomorrow”

The Energy Conservation Program is based on the Department of Energy’s Builders Challenge Guide of 40% Whole-House Energy Savings in the Cold and Very Cold Climates. The Builders Challenge Guide is designed for new home construction and retro-fit applications and offers a comprehensive whole home approach to home improvement that results in better energy efficiency, greater comfort and lower energy bills.
Homeowners that qualify for the program have the opportunity to pay up to 50% less on their current utility bills. Over time, the project pays for itself, and homeowners receive continual savings derived from qualifying for the Energy Conservation Program.

How does the program work?

Once homeowners qualify and sign up for the program a detailed energy audit is performed on the home which includes pressure testing, infrared photos of walls, ceiling, windows, doors and attic. Work will then be performed to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency under the program parameters. Finally, a post test audit will be performed to insure all work as been completed correctly and confirming the savings.

How is the work paid for?

The Energy Conservation Program uses some of the money homeowners are currently spending on utilities and redirects that money in the form of energy efficient upgrades. A detailed return on investment is calculated and many times homeowners have little to zero money out of pocket to pay for the program.

How do I get started?

By contacting Superior Home Improvement. Superior Home Improvement is an Energy Star Partner and all items of the Energy Conservation Program are recommended by the Department of Energy and US Environmental.